The all in one intranet for work.

Truly all in one. No need to switch from your Time Clock to HR or Messaging to Cloud Storage. And that isn’t the only feature, you can make your SQUHub look however you like.

Screenshot of App inside a laptop

How we are different

Maybe this big ol' list of features will explain!

And of {course}, zero code required to "change any" settings.

Cloud Storage

A private dedicated storage cloud for your business. Shared across your whole team or privately on your account only. Includes folder support, renaming files and previewing files.


Get a shared calendar that shows across your whole team, which anyone inside your intranet can access and edit, add events and more.


Message any employee in your business with the messaging feature. Get notified via email and a sound in your browser when you receive a message. Admins can send messages to everyone in the intranet via Announcements.

Social Media

Get a private social media network for inside your business. This integrates seamlessly with messaging and allows employees to communicate with any employee via posting on their wall and more!

Time Clock

Let employees clock in and out remotely so you can pay them accordingly. Any employee can do clock in and out and see their working history.

HR Benefit System

Let employees claim benefits online such as coupon codes and software, and sometimes even real items.

Android App

Get an Android app with your intranet on it with an Enterprise plan. The app will be listed on the Google Play Store, with the developer name ‘Syniro Technologies Inc’.

Screenshot of iPhone App

Also, did we mention SQUhub's are very customizable?

Like... very customizable.

Custom Fonts

You can upload or request a change using a .ttf or .otf font type so it can literally be any computer or Google font.


We support RGB and HEX codes,. and never use our own colors, unless you specify. The only general colors we use are black and white!


Logo on the left, or on the right. Menu hidden, menu shown. We can make the layout whatever is right for you and your business! No SQUhub is ever the same.

Screenshot of App inside a laptop

Now, the price.

The best pricing on the market. Full stop.


  • No Custom Domain
  • 500MB Cloud Storage
  • Shared Calendar
  • Social and Messaging
  • Employee Time Clock
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£0.50/user Monthly
  • Everything in Free
  • Custom Domain
  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • Employee Benefit System
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£1.59/user Monthly
  • Everything in Startup
  • SSO with Google
  • VIP Support
  • Android App
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Don't take our word for it! Try it out yourself!

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Built With Launchaco